NEWPORT, WA — Phyllis J Kardos announced at a meeting of the Indivisibles on Tuesday, January 14th that she is seeking to unseat current Pend Oreille County Commissioner Karen Skoog.

Phyllis has lived in Pend Oreille County for 55+ years. During those years she and her
husband, Ted, raised six children on their 240 acres of timber and agricultural land in Scotia Valley.

Phyllis said when her children were school age she was involved with numerous school, church, and community activities and was even appointed to a vacancy on the Newport School Board and served as the first female on that Board for several years.

Phyllis attended North Idaho Junior College, Spokane Falls Community College, where she received an AA degree. She transferred to Eastern Washington University earning a BA in Education in 1983. She majored in Social Studies and had a minor in Political Science and English. On June 11, 1999, Phyllis was awarded a Master of Education, majoring in Curriculum and Instruction with a 3.98 GPA. Prior to retiring she spent 20 years working as a teacher, principal/teacher, and a school district administrator in the Iditarod Area School District of Alaska. Administrative-type work, working with a tight budget and working with the public is nothing new to me,” she said.

Presently, Phyllis is actively involved in stopping the proposed PacWest silicon metal smelter and supporting “responsible” economic growth that compliments the rural character and environment of Pend Oreille County. She feels that the present Pend Oreille County Commissioners acted in haste and did not do their due diligence in vetting the company prior to adopting support for this massive urban industrial project. They were also negligent in their duties as public officials in keeping the public informed.

Phyllis said, “As a County Commissioner, I would work with the public in developing a vision for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren that includes good jobs at a fair wage, affordable housing, affordable rural healthcare, support of local business and entrepreneurships, a well-rounded education for all students with business partnership connections. Plus, identify and take action on the problems that presently exist in our Community.

“Pend Oreille County is our home and it is a beautiful place to live,’ she said, “and we surely don’t want to do anything that would harm the environment, the rivers, lakes, streams and the air we breathe.”

She looks forward to the coming year and the challenge of running a campaign.

For more information on Phyllis’ campaign, please download the documents below. You are welcome to print and share these documents.

A positive choice for Pend Oreille County.
Elect Phyllis Kardos

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